Delivery charges

COVID-19 UPDATE - 14th April 2020

Please note that in order to protect our teams and their families, the nursery is now closed to ALL VISITORS onsite.

We are all availble and working, so are happy to support you remotely in anyway that we can; technology is thankfully on our side, so we are happy to help with photos and video calling.

With the ongoing lockdown and social distancing recommendations in place, and on the advice that the pandemic has not currently reached its peak in the UK, we have now made the difficult decision to offer a limited delviery service only, reviewing as required according to changes in the government guidelines. 

This means that we may be able to offer some local deliveries, to our nursery in Cambridgeshire, with some scope for larger orders to be delivered further afield, however please contact us to discuss whether your order meets these requirements before placing your order. Please note, in order for us operationally to be able to consider delivering to you, you will need to make provisions to ensure you are able to facilitate a contactless delivery, where the driver will unsheet the lorry and you must unload. Please contact our sales team to discuss. 

Customers who we are sadly unable to arrange delivery for in this present sitution are of course still able to place orders with us and we will reserve and look after your trees until which time our standard delivery service resumes. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, however feel that the nature of our delivery process and product, although kerbside delivery, makes it very difficult to protect the health of both our lorry drivers and you as our customer when carrying out our usual nationwide, combined delivery service.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in these difficult times.

Delivery Charges by County

County Charge
Aberdeenshire £465.00
Abertawe £180.00
Angus  £465.00
Argyll and Bute £465.00
Bedfordshire     £25.00
Berkshire   £50.00
Blaenau Gwent £180.00
Buckinghamshire £50.00
Caerdydd  £180.00
Caerffili  £180.00
Cambridgeshire £25.00
Castell-nedd Port Talbot £180.00
Cheshire £75.00
Clackmannanshire £280.00
Conwy £280.00
Cornwall       £150.00
County Antrim £1,750.00
County Armagh £1,750.00
County Down £1,750.00
County Fermanagh £1,750.00
County Londonderry  £1,750.00
County Tyrone  £1,750.00
Cumbria  £150.00
Denbighshire £280.00
Derbyshire £50.00
Devon £100.00
Dorset £100.00
Dumfries and Galloway £280.00
Durham £100.00
East Ayrshire £465.00
East Dunbartonshire £280.00
East Lothian £280.00
East Renfrewshire £280.00
East Riding of Yorkshire £75.00
East Sussex £50.00
Eilean Siar £3,000.00
Essex £25.00
Falkirk £280.00
Fife  £280.00
Flintshire  £280.00
Gloucestershire £75.00
Greater Manchester £75.00
Gwynedd £480.00
Hampshire £50.00
Herefordshire £75.00
Hertfordshire   £25.00
Highland £750.00
Inverclyde £465.00
Isle of Wight  £950.00
Isles of Scilly £2,000.00
Kent £50.00
Lanarkshire £280.00
Lancashire £75.00
Leicestershire £50.00
Lincolnshire  £50.00
London £50.00
Merseyside £100.00
Merthyr Tydfil  £180.00
Midlothian £280.00
Moray £750.00
Newport £180.00
Norfolk  £50.00
North Ayrshire £595.00
North Lanarkshire £350.00
North Yorkshire £75.00
Northamptonshire £25.00
Northumberland £150.00
Nottinghamshire £50.00
Orkney Islands £2,000.00
Oxfordshire   £50.00
Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr £180.00
Perth and Kinross £465.00
Powys  £280.00
Renfrewshire £280.00
Rhondda Cynon Taff     £180.00
Rutland  £50.00
Scottish Borders   £280.00
Shetland Islands £2,000.00
Shropshire  £50.00
Sir Benfro £480.00
Sir Ceredigion £480.00
Sir Fynwy £180.00
Sir Gaerfyrddin £280.00
Sir Ynys Mon £480.00
Somerset £75.00
South Ayrshire £465.00
South Lanarkshire £280.00
South Yorkshire  £75.00
Staffordshire £50.00
Stirlingshire £280.00
Suffolk £25.00
Surrey £50.00
Torfaen £180.00
Tyne and Wear  £100.00
Vale of Glamorgan £180.00
Warwickshire £50.00
West Dunbartonshire £280.00
West Lothian £400.00
West Midlands £50.00
West Sussex £50.00
West Yorkshire £75.00
Wiltshire  £75.00
Worcestershire £50.00
Wrexham £280.00





















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