Buy big mature trees

A very large Oak tree covered in green foliage in the middle of a meadow

When clients visit Barcham looking for mature trees it’s a job to know just how big they want to go! Mighty ancient oak or four metre seven year old? Our medium trees start at 3 metres and in most cases are nearer 4 metres. This is usually seen as mature enough for their needs, but we go all the way up to super instant sized trees which are nearer 7 metres tall and in pots that require machinery to plant and get off the lorry as they can weigh up to 2.5 tonnes each!

In the nursery trade we classify the larger trees, with a girth of over 20-25cm, as semi mature and these certainly create a day one impact. Many people say that a smaller tree is more likely to establish and overtake a bigger tree and this is true if planted as a bare root or root balled tree where over half of the root system is left remaining in the nursery field. The trees are so injured that the bigger they are the more tender loving care they need. However, this is not true of our trees! This is why we containerize our trees in our patented Light Pots to establish an unwounded root system before they reach our clients gardens. Using this method, we are so confident of the vibrancy of our trees that whatever size you start with they will all grow away at the same rate. What is more, we guarantee our trees so long as they are planted in accordance with our planting instructions that are demonstrated on our planting video.

The trouble with shopping for trees on the internet is that you are shown photos of mature specimen trees but what turns up rarely lives up to expectation. I always remember a friend of mine ordering an oak for a Christening present and it came through the post under two feet tall! She had paid a lot for it as well so was very disappointed! This prompted me to take the bold step to video our stock and put online the exact tree that would be delivered to our customer’s door: Buy the tree You See!

This takes all the guesswork out of buying mature trees as there is a person in the video for scale as well as a 12 metre ruler. You know exactly what you are getting with Barcham.