Tree Hydration Bag

Tree Hydration Bag

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The perfect solution for slow release watering of newly planted trees! The Barcham Hydration bag is zipped around the stem of the tree, with no need for staking. It holds 75 litres of water, which is filled through an opening at the top. The watering bag will release water very slowly, over a period of 3-6 hours, reducing the frequency of watering to once every 3-5 days for the first 2 seasons after planting. These bags can be re-used and also zipped together to give greater capacity for larger trees, we recommend a maximum of 2 bags zipped together.

When zipped together, the capacity for water holding is increased to a potential 150 litres, the 2 bag set up is appropriate for trees which are over 30cm in girth (Super Instant).

Please note: These Hydration Bags are not recommended for trees that have a girth of 8-10cm or less, or are unsecured/staked post planting. They are suitable for our Medium trees upwards

We guarantee our hydration bags for one season of use. Whilst we expect that you will be able to use the bags for further seasons, unfortuantely we cannot guarantee them after this time. As with any product for outdoor use they will be subject to wear and tear from the elements beyond our control. It is adviseable to remove the bags over the winter period when they are not in use and store in a safe place ready to reuse next season.